Win COCOSOLIS products for the whole year! 

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Register your email or make an order and you have the chance to win one of 3 sets of 12 COCOSOLIS products of your choice or one of 3 boxes of Luxury Coffee Scrub Box. 

Win COCOSOLIS products

for the whole year! 

Participate until the end of January! Every month we will draw the names of two of you, who will receive respectively 1 set of 12 COCOSOLIS products by choice or 1 box Luxury Coffee Scrub Box

On the 10th of each month, we will announce the winners for the past period here. 

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The game starts on November 9, 2020 and lasts until January 31, 2021.

Natural & Organic

Created with LOVE

Made with Care

Always natural and created with only high-quality, organic, cold-pressed oils.

Made with love and respect to both people and nature.
Gentle to all skin types. With an aroma you will fall in love with.

Our oils contain NO parabens, colorings, mineral and synthetic oils!
No animal testing!

Your senses can`t resist the temptation of the chocolate aroma. Taste it with your skin :) CHOCO will make it velvety soft and smooth. 

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Strengthen your hair with the natural oils in HAIR, revive it during the winter months! 

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Even weaker sun rays affect the skin. Keep it healthy and nourished even in the cold months with Natural Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30. 

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ALOHA greets you with light coconut scent and delicate care for even the most sensitive skin.

Intensive year-round body care with SKIN Stretch Mark Dry Oil. Prevents and reduces stretch marks, removes skin imperfections!

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Keep your youthful appearance with SKIN Collagen Booster Dry Oil. For hydrated and elastic skin, which is your biggest advantage in the world of beauty! 

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The tight and shaped silhouette is achieved with SKIN Anti-cellulite Dry Oil. Toned skin is the real jewel that you can wear all year round. 

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Keep your tan for longer with COOL, which soothes your skin and protects it from dryness after sun exposure & solarium. 

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Higher protection and longer life of your tan with Natural Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50. Keep your skin hydrated and nourished, with a deep and beautiful tan during the hot summer or exotic vacation. 

With COCOSOLIS scrubs you will feel an instant, tangible effect even after the first shower! The skin is renewed, gentle and fragrant! 

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Add glamour  to any moment with GLOW Shimmer Oil!