HAIR SKIN Anti-Cellulite

This set contains: 

• 1 х Organic anti-cellulite dry oil (110 ml)

•  1 х Organic oil for intensive nourishment and care for your hair (110 ml)

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Natural & Organic

Created with LOVE

Made with Care

Always natural and created with only high-quality, organic, cold-pressed oils.

Made with love and respect to both people and nature.
Gentle to all skin types. With an aroma you will fall in love with.

Our oils contain NO parabens, colorings, mineral and synthetic oils!
No animal testing! 


Why combine HAIR Oil Mask 3in1 &

SKIN Anti-Cellulite Dry Oil? 

The customers love COCOSOLIS.

Hi, the anti cellulite oil is very good, super aroma!

Alina Szatmari

Wonderful oil, leaves skin velvety soft and fragrant ❤️ 

Cristina Cancela

Hi, I want to show you the result from just one mask with COCOSOLIS HAIR. I am extremely pleased and will certainly continue to use it 🤗❤️😘  


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HAIR Oil Mask 3in1 is an organic oil with the tropical aroma of coconut milk, containing a special mix of carefully selected, unrefined, cold-pressed, organic oils of the highest quality for intensive care of your hair.

It repairs and revitalizes damaged hair, giving it silky softness and radiance, stimulating its growth and preventing breaking, split ends and tangles. At the beach, the oil protects your hair from drying out and against damage from the sun, wind and sea.

SKIN Anti-cellulite Dry Oil is a natural anticellulite product developed to treat areas of the body affected by cellulite and excess fat. It shapes and smoothes the silhouette, absorbs quickly and deeply into the skin, and is wonderful for everyday use, even by the busiest women.

With a subtle, pleasant aroma.



HAIR & SKIN Anti-Cellulite

Why combine

HAIR Oil Mask 3in1 &

SKIN Anti-Cellulite Dry Oil? 


Nourish your hair and remodel your silhouette with the perfect set for maximum results! 



SKIN Anti-Cellulite

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